Woman shares nightmare phone call from brother’s 'toxic' girlfriend: 'Stop talking to him'


A TikToker named Cristina shared a cringe-worthy phone call she says she received from her brother Steven’s “toxic” girlfriend, who demanded the siblings spend less time together, thinking they were romantically involved.

The unnamed girlfriend apparently called Cristina from her brother’s phone and asked her to stop hanging out with him because their relationship made her uncomfortable.

“We don’t really know each other and I know you and my boyfriend are really close but I’d appreciate it if maybe you could just stop talking to him because it makes me uncomfortable how close you guys are,” the girl says while on speakerphone.

“What are you talking about?” a confused Cristina asks.

“I read through his text messages with you and I see how much you guys talk, and, like, he has a girlfriend,” the scorned woman continues. “I mean, like, yeah, and I saw your bajillion pictures together and it’s honestly embarrassing for me to see how much you guys are together and how much you guys talk.”

“I’m sorry, who are you talking about?” Cristina says.

“Um, my boyfriend Steven,” the other voice replies

“You mean my brother Steven?” Cristina assures. “Steven’s my brother.”

Immediately, the caller disconnects.

The awkward moment had TikTok users screaming.

“WHEN SHE HUNG UP,” one wrote.


“Wait till she finds out you live in the same house,” joked a third.

Beyond the humorous remarks, some people called out the girlfriend for her jealous behavior and lack of trust, textbook signs of an unhealthy relationship.

“Going through someone’s phone without them knowing = TOXIC,” wrote one user.

“Even if she wasn’t his sister, he is allowed to have female friends. so the gf was still wrong,” added a second.

Cristina later updated that she showed her brother the now-viral video and that he broke up with his girlfriend.

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