Using this pedal-powered surfboard is as easy as riding a bike

If you always wished you could bike on water, a Red Shark Bike might be exactly what you need.

Not everyone has the core strength, balance or ability to surf. But that doesn’t mean watersports are out of the question. The Red Shark Bike is basically a pedal-powered surfboard. CEO and creator Josep Rubau came up with the design after a cycling accident that broke his elbow.

“It’s very easy to learn, and that’s intentional,” Rubau told Red Bull. “If you can ride a bike, you can ride a RedShark Bike. In fact, it’s even easier, because balance is taken out of the equation.”

The water bike floats while riders propel it forward by pedaling. You get the work out of cycling, but with an ocean view.

The portable equipment is totally user-friendly and requires no tools to set up. The board is inflatable and can be blown up or deflated for easy storing. Just attach the foldable bike frame to the base and you’re good to go.

For those still skeptical, check out some of the five-star product reviews.

“Revolutionary and creative water product. High technology product with a talented team,” one reviewer said.

“Gorgeous!!! Awesome how you can go in an easy, comfortable and safe way by bike on water. Really very impressed and with excellent attention from Josep Rubau and his team. New ways to enjoy our sea, new sensations,” another said.

“Very good idea, cycling on water, and much safer, I love it” one person wrote.

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