This sleek indoor bug trap zaps flying critters without the sticky mess: 'The best possible solution!'


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It’s getting warmer outside, so you know what that means: open-window season! While this time brings many of elements we love, from fresh air to cool breeze, oftentimes, a few unwanted guests tend to wiggle their way through the cracks — yep, we’re talking bugs.

Many folks tend to use the tried-and-true sticky bug-catching sheets that have been house staples for decades. While they certainly get the job done, it’s hard to ignore that they’re a mean eyesore. Also, who really knows what that gooey exposed film is made of?

With this inconvenience in mind, the folks at Katchy designed an indoor insect trap that is powerful, non-toxic and, most importantly, mess-free.

Shop: Katchy Indoor Insect Trap, $39.79

Credit: Katchy

Katchy uses UV light, a proven and widely popular sanitizing and germ-killing proponent, to attract any insects that come into your home. Once the critters make contact with the light, the built-in fan sucks them in, and they stick to the boards, which can be swapped in one single sweep.

Credit: Katchy

There really isn’t much more to it, and that’s what shoppers love most about this device. One shopper, who dubbed it “the best bug catcher,” gushed that it works “unbelievably well” and is a necessity for those who “have problems with small bugs.”

“Because we live in Florida, my husband and I have to deal with fruit flies and mosquitoes in our house, a lot,” the shopper wrote, detailing that she’s used both DIY and standard bug-catching tools prior to switching over to Katchy.

“The Katchy Bug Trap is the best possible solution!” she continued. “The glue area is protected by the ‘cage’ at the bottom of the device [so] you can’t accidentally bump the thing and have it stick to you. It’s safe, convenient and easy to use.”

Credit: Katchy

The brand also recommends that users set the device close to insect-ridden fruits, plants or the trash can. It is also stressed that this strictly is used indoors as it is “not intended for outdoor use.”

While several shoppers have praised this product for its affordable price, ease of use and easy cleaning, a couple of reviewers explained that it would have been a home run if it was initially designed to work in conjunction “with a smart plug.”

“The only thing that would have made this a 5-star is if the plug controls were different so that I can control when it turns on and off using a smart switch,” the shopper wrote.

The same reviewer, however, found a solution to this targeted problem, adding that she stuck a smart device to the Katchy “that will automatically push the button the way I program.” The reviewer added that this “worked well.”

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