Jeep owner discovers ‘Easter egg’ hidden in new car: ‘I didn’t know this existed’

A college student is going viral after inspiring a wave of Jeep owners to track down the secret “Easter eggs” inside their cars.

The trend, which has inspired countless follow-up videos on social media, began when 20-year-old Jackie Foster shared the discovery on TikTok. In his video, Foster explains that most Jeep models are sold with mysterious imprints and stickers, a fact which auto enthusiasts have obsessed over for years.

But not all Jeep owners were aware of these “Easter eggs,” which include spiders, lizards, a Sasquatch or other symbols hidden throughout the vehicle. In Foster’s video, he discovers a tiny “spider” inside his gas tank.

“JEEP WAS REALLY TRYING TO GET ME,” he captioned his clip.


🕷JEEP WAS REALING TRYING TO GET ME.🕷🤦🏼😂 ##fyp##jeepsoftiktok##spider

♬ original sound - jackiefoster40

The video, which has now been viewed more than 4.1 million times, sparked thousands of stunned reactions from TikTok users, many of whom shared that they were not aware of the “Easter eggs.”

“What? That is crazy! I gotta check my Jeep Latitude,” one user commented.

“I didn’t know this existed,” another added.

“Wait WHAT I have a Jeep and I’ve never found mine,” another wrote.

Several users went on to post videos of themselves making the discoveries as well. As the secret symbols typically differ between models and years, there were plenty of new “Easter eggs” to share.

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