This hand wash-infused buffer is 'more effective' at removing germs than soap alone

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Hand soaps are uncharacteristically in high demand right now with many people still coming up short in finding them available for purchase in stores.

While hand-washing has been and continues to be one of the most integral personal hygiene practices, many of us still fall short in some sense when doing the deed. These often ignored shortcomings include not washing for long enough, failing to lather up and coat the hands fully, and not getting into the areas that often harbor bacteria like nail beds and cuticles.

To remedy these problems all while saving the planet, Spongellé has released a new collection of hand wash-infused buffers that are said to be “more effective at removing germs and dirt than soap alone.”

Shop: Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash-Infused Buffer (Renew), $14

Credit: Spongellé

While the CDC recommends that we wash our hands following this simple five-step guide — apply soap to wet hands, lather, scrub hands for 20 seconds, rinse and dry — some fail to do a thorough enough job to grant them that peace of mind.

Spongellé outlines that these new buffers were designed to keep this worry at bay by offering thorough hand cleansing with added benefits to help revitalize and treat the hands.

Formulated for “frequent hand-washing,” the Hand Defense collection is enriched with glycerin to moisturize and hydrate, shea butter and cocoa butter to smooth and soften, and panthenol and oatmeal to soothe and protect.

The unique sponge texture, which has quickly become Spongellé’s signature, allows users to get into areas such as cuticles and around the nail edges, promoting a full deep-cleaning.

Each Hand Defense hand wash-infused buffer guarantees at least 40 washes. The collection comes in a range of four targeted treatments: renew, rejuvenate, revive and refresh. Shoppers can purchase each Spongellé individually for $14 or the entire four-piece collection for $56.

Shop: Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash-Infused Buffer (Rejuvenate), $14

Credit: Spongellé

Shop: Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash-Infused Buffer (Revive), $14

Credit: Spongellé

Shop: Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash-Infused Buffer (Refresh), $14

Credit: Spongellé

Shop: Spongellé Hand Defense Assorted Pack, $56

Credit: Spongellé

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