This hyperrealistic spaghetti cake is more than meets the eye


This buttercream “spaghetti” cake will have you saying, “Mamma mia!”

Natalie Sideserf of Austin’s Sideserf Cake Studio added to her library of hyperrealistic desserts with her latest creation, the spaghetti cake.

“I just did a live cake challenge where I tried to make this cake in 20 minutes,” she says in the video. “Spoiler alert, I failed pretty badly. That’s why I made this video so you guys can succeed at this cake.”

First, Sideserf spreads neon buttercream over a piece of yellowcake. She adds a second layer on top. Then, she trims the corners and rounds the cake out into a disk. She applies a crumb coat, or thin layer, of buttercream onto the mound.

Next, she sprinkles cornstarch onto parchment paper. Sideserf uses a rolling pin to create a thin layer of modeling chocolate. She trims it into a circle. Then she works the circle over the mound of cake and cuts off the excess skirt.

Now it’s time to make the pasta! Sideserf rolls a piece of modeling chocolate into a tube and places it inside of an extruder. She cranks out strands of modeling chocolate that look like spaghetti noodles. Then, Sideserf wraps the strands around the cake until it is fully covered.

Your grandma’s red sauce may have to look away from the following steps. Sideserf uses a mixture of plum jam with red, green and orange food color to create the sauce. Next, she adds crushed cake pieces to create the meat. Finally, Sideserf tops the cake with the sauce and uses grated white chocolate as the “parmesan.”

The spaghetti cake is complete. Needless to say, YouTube viewers were impressed.

“Creative and beautiful. My eyes popped at the sauce! I might give it a go…” one person wrote.

“That was really awesome, Natalie! It also looks like it tasted delicious,” another user said.

“Amazing. I love watching your videos. Your cakes are wickedly amazing,” someone added.

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