This company’s patented orange goo can absorb the impact from a hammer

Protective gear just got a bit gooier!

D3O is a design and technology company that develops and manufactures top-of-the-line protection products for an array of industries. Whether it’s soldiers, professional athletes or industrial workers, D3O is there to make their jobs safer.

The company has worked with brands like Under Armour, Dr. Martens and Adidas to develop protective gear like pads, gloves and insoles. But what separates D3O from its competitors is its use of patented and proprietary shock-absorbing materials.

Inside a typical D3O kit, there is its branded goo, a hammer, ball bearing, a D30 foam sample and foam from a competitor. The orange goo seems soft and flexible at first, but if you wrapped it around your fingertips and then smashed your hand with the hammer, the goo would stiffen under impact and protect you.

If you dropped the ball bearing onto the standard foam, you could expect it to bounce a couple of times. But, when the same ball is dropped on the D30 foam, the shock is instantly absorbed. It doesn’t bounce at all.

However, D3O is not defined by one product or material. Rather, it’s a line of various formulations with similar properties — each designed for a range of markets and applications. Some items are foams, elastomers or additives developed by the D3O team. Others are products where a patented material is integrated, like defense helmets for soldiers, knee protection for athletes and limb protection for motorcyclists.

While you may not be able to pick up some patented D3O goo at the local art supply store, it sure is cool to watch in action.

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