Here's your biggest pet peeve, according to your zodiac sign

Two months into quarantine, the cabin fever is really starting to settle in.

When you’re feeling particularly pent up, the little things can just seem so annoying! To help you avoid getting on your roommates’ nerves, here is a list of the zodiac signs’ pet peeves.

ARIES: Passive aggression

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Aries is not a sign with a lot of patience to spare. They’re easily frustrated by delays, blockages, red lights and anything that holds them back, limits them or keeps them waiting. Direct and to the point, Aries can’t stand sitting idly by and must take action. However, this leads to one of Aries’ greatest strengths: their radical honesty. Passive aggression infuriates the typical Aries, who sees it as a form of lying. They would much rather have a big fight and then kiss and make up. At least that would be interesting and cathartic. Stagnant negativity annoys an Aries to no end.

TAURUS: Impracticality

It’s not that Taurus isn’t interested in big dreams. They need the schedule, the meeting time, everyone’s email address, the directions — the things that go into building a great idea. A true Taurus understands that planning is essential, and prides themselves on the quality of their work. The flip side of this grounded personality is disdain for those that don’t think things through. People with bad judgment, people who can’t read a map, people whose phones are always dying and people who don’t share their self-sufficiency rub them the wrong way.

GEMINI: Forced commitment to a decision

Gemini experiences FOMO in all forms: fear of missing out on a fun night, on a career that might suit them better, on which ideas to spend their time learning about, on the pasta dish they decided not to order last minute, etc. When there are so many interesting things to focus their energy on, it’s hard to settle on one topic for too long. Geminis are easily distracted. They could finish the project they were working on, but someone just texted them. They could finish texting that person back, but now the email they just got takes precedence. The thought of missing something gnaws at them, and their natural curiosity feeds their desire to experience it all! Advice for the average Gemini: Get an app that blocks your favorite websites for a set time period.

CANCER: Being taken for granted

Cancer is one of the most caring, giving signs in the zodiac, which is why it bothers them so much when their kindness is met with indifference, apathy or detachment. They’d give you the moon if you would only kiss them on the forehead and say thank you at the end. A lack of appreciation makes Cancer feel insecure, unloved and drained, mostly because it’s… sad. Their support comes for free because it’s so rewarding for them to feel closeness. Take this as a reminder to thank your Cancer for listening to your rants and send them a virtual hug.

LEO: Feeling voiceless

Leo is a born spokesperson — their self-assuredness and confidence in what they know make them easy people to follow. Naturally, they have authority issues around being told what to do, having their methods or information questioned and being forced into a secondary role. Bad leadership is especially frustrating for Leos, who understand the importance of leading with good conscience. Because they know what it looks like to do it right, they hold disorganized, weak-willed bosses in low regard. But nothing frustrates them more than being represented by someone who doesn’t deserve it. For example, the most prominent voice in their field misspeaking on a podcast and making their work look silly. A Leo is in charge of their fate; they need to make the decisions surrounding their image, their ideas, their work, and their creative choices. If you dare speak for a Leo, make sure they approve of the message.

VIRGO: Incompetence

Virgos are hard workers who pay meticulous attention to detail, and they often hold others to the high standards they set for themselves, only to be met with disappointment. It’s frankly annoying for them to see sloppy work, dirty dishes in the sink three days later, or any kind of thoughtlessness. Virgos are considerate people; all they ask is that their efforts are reciprocated, or at least thanked!

LIBRA: Being antagonized

Libra is the ultimate peacemaker. They don’t want to be put on the spot and caught in the middle of drama (okay, maybe a little bit, as a treat). While Libras love an intellectual debate or a good chat over the latest news, they’re not interested in any argument where the unspoken goal is to make the other party feel dumb. You can keep that negativity and immaturity to yourself; Libra is literally just vibing.

SCORPIO: Flakiness

Scorpio is an extremist. With the scorpion, it’s love or hate, unless you’re just too boring for them to care. After all, Scorpio likes a little mystery. One of Scorpio’s most impressive traits is their ability to commit to things long-term. They don’t bother with fake friendships when they could have a few really strong ones. They’re not interested in devil’s advocates; they’re interested in passionate advocates who can put up a real fight for their honest opinions. Scorpio wants to surround themselves with strong beliefs, devoted friendships and romantic partners that won’t jerk them around by being falsely casual — and anything less is a waste of their time.


Above all, Sagittarius is honest. Does it get them in trouble? Of course. Would they ever choose the alternative, in which veiling their thoughts holds them back from the most genuine version of themselves? Absolutely not. Sagittarius wants to hear what you really think. Don’t say anything for their or the public’s benefit if it isn’t your true opinion; they’ll see you as a suck-up or a coward. Luckily, this trait weeds out the people they were never going to get along with anyways!

CAPRICORN: Unearned cockiness

Grounded, earthy Capricorn always finds flamboyant cockiness to be childish and embarrassing, but it’s especially annoying when the arrogance is unearned. Capricorns hold a lot of respect for well-informed, tried and tested authority figures, whoever that is for them. Depending on their interests, that could be Susan Miller or Jimi Hendrix. Capricorns aspire to greatness, and they appreciate those who have climbed the mountain before them. What they do not appreciate are beginners, laymen, and dabblers preaching information as though they possess the knowledge to help anyone. The presumptuousness is just too irritating.

AQUARIUS: Selfishness

Aquarius is very invested in their friendships and their community. Idealists who care deeply about humanity, they often find themselves speaking up for the common good. So, they can’t stand people who place the benefit of the individual over what would be best for everyone. See: people who aren’t practicing social distancing, people who don’t pay attention to human rights issues, people who don’t care about the environment and people who post photos where they’re the only one who looks good.

PISCES: Callousness

Pisces knows that what the world needs now is love, sweet love. Masters of reading people, they always know when the vibe is off with someone. But, they also know that the only way to work through a personal issue is to confront the emotional center. The details, he-said-she-said and examples of how exactly someone messed up only serve to deepen a divide, while saying “I’m hurt because…” actually opens a dialogue. Pisces has no patience for nonchalant cruelty, and no respect for those who need to act like bullies to get their point across.

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