First date turns into ‘mortifying’ hospital visit: ‘My whole mouth started tingling’

When you sign up for Tinder and start swiping, you never know what to expect. If you’re like me, you could end up meeting your fiancé on the app — or if you’re like TikTok user Samara Hnaien, you might just end up in the emergency room.

Here’s what happened: The 22-year-old Australian recently matched with 23-year-old Charles Harris and decided to meet up with him.

“As everything is shut [due to the pandemic], the date was just Samara coming over to my house to hang out,” Harris told BuzzFeed. “The date was going very well, so we ended up kissing…”

Well, prior to Hnaien coming over, Harris decided to eat a peanut butter sandwich. What he didn’t know was that Hnaien had a bad peanut allergy.

“My whole mouth started tingling mid-kissing basically, which is the first sign to me that I’m having a reaction, and I hadn’t eaten anything, so I thought he must’ve had something that had peanuts in it,” Hnaien explained.

Once Hnaien realized what was happening, she instructed Harris to inject her EpiPen in her thigh. After that, they called an ambulance and went to the emergency room together. Like a true gentleman, Harris stayed with Hnaien until the wee hours of the morning. (So romantic, right?)

“He handled the situation as best as he could’ve,” Hnaien said. “I was actually really impressed. He was really caring and genuine and made me feel at ease and kept reassuring me to not feel embarrassed or anything like that because I was just mortified and felt so bad for him. … It’s a pretty confronting experience stabbing someone with an EpiPen especially when you first meet them.”

Seeing as this is 2020, both Hnaien and Harris made TikToks detailing the incident.


If this blows up I’ll actually take her on a date ##fyp##foryou

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Both Hnaien and Harris told BuzzFeed that they plan on seeing each other again. Hopefully next time Harris will skip the peanut butter in favor of jelly!

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