Boy scores two three-pointers despite losing both arms


Jamarion Styles is a basketball fiend. The 16-year-old lost his arms at eight months olds due to a bacterial infection, but today, he is a competitive athlete who has no trouble keeping up with his teammates.

Sports Center shared a clip of Jamarion at age 13 scoring a three-pointer during a game. His classmates rapturously cheer him on. Then Jamarion does it again. The resurfaced video received over 437,000 likes on Instagram.

But this isn’t the first time Jamarion has made the news for the impressive shots. In 2019, the Boca Raton teen told CBS News the story behind the viral three-pointers and how his basketball journey began with rejection at a local community center.

“They would start picking teams and I would be the only one left out. And then they would tell me just go home. You can break someone’s heart like that,” he said.

Jamarion took the initiative. He went straight to his Eagles Landing Middle School basketball coach Darian Williams. He said he wanted to be on the team even if he couldn’t play and the coach reluctantly agreed. But soon Williams would see Jamarion was the hardest worker.

“He was usually the first one in the gym and usually the last one to leave,” Williams told CBS.

The teen was benched almost the entire season until Williams put him in the game with only six minutes left — that’s when Jamarion scored the two shots seen in the clip. And the rest is history!

He would prove to be a team asset and go onto play basketball in high school. Today he has even added football player to his resume. When CBS asked if he wanted his arms back, his answer was succinct.

“I don’t need them,” he said

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