Toddler’s reaction to her dad shaving his head is perfect


A Wicklow, Ireland family is reveling in their two-year-old daughter’s reaction to her dad’s hair makeover.

While under quarantine due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, Mila’s father shaved his long hair off for the first time. The toddler had never seen her dad in this state before, so mom got the camera out to record.

The clip shows the tot waddling over to her dad in a pink polka dot onesie. Mila stands in the doorway to watch her dad at his desk for a moment. Then she looks at the camera and says in earnest confoundment, “Where’s his hair gone?” The inquiry prompts dad to spin around and burst into laughter with mom.

“This was over a week ago and she’s still asking who took his hair! She’s completely confused as to where it’s gone!” the mother told Newsflare.

Mila’s reaction was luckily more adorable than frightened. Sometimes a parent’s makeover can spur an upsetting response from a child. Viral videos of children crying at the sight of freshly shaven dads is nearly its own genre of entertainment.

While transformations can be jarring because toddlers don’t recognize their fathers, studies show that kids generally prefer clean-shaven men until puberty, according to Parents. However, bearded dads never fear, there is one caveat.

“Children like their dad’s face however it normally is, whether it is bearded or clean-shaven,” Australian researcher Nicole Nelson told Parents. “Bearded dads might keep in mind, though, that their children’s friends who have clean-shaven dads might find them a bit intimidating.”

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