This portable blender uses eco-friendly pods so you can fuel up on-the-go

Vejo is the first biodegradable pod-based personal blender. The compact, stainless steel machine mixes nutritious smoothies, anywhere, in 30 seconds.

Just pour water into the container up to the fill line. Grab a smoothie pod and peel back the tab to remove the top seal. Place the pod upside down into the Vejo. Close the cap and turn it clockwise until there’s an audible click. The Vejo automatically blends for 30 seconds.

In an instant, you’ve got a healthy drink at the gym, work or while on a hike. Users can also download an app to track their pod consumption. Some may opt into Vejo Plus, the brand’s wellness program that maps individual paths to optimal health.

Each Vejo pod blend contains up to 50 percent of the daily recommended fruits and vegetable servings. Take “Immunity Fuel” for example, the mixture includes a range of vitamins C, D, K and B6 in addition to supplements like reishi mushroom powder and green tea leaf extract.

Vejo offers a range of 20 pods, but “Immunity Fuel” is a bestseller.

“In addition to our fruit and vegetable blends, we’ve worked tirelessly to formulate science-backed blends that also support ongoing self-care,” Founder Christoph Bertsch told Forbes. “These blends tackle issues such as sleep, stress and immunity—all of which are top of mind right now for consumers given the current COVID climate.”

Bertsch created Vejo in 2015 after going on a personal health journey. He found the experience to be fraught with conflicting information. Vejo is a solution to some of the issues he encountered.

“We are looking to solve major challenges in the food system with a focus on democratizing high-quality nutrition, as healthy food is often expensive, inconvenient and inaccessible,” Bertsch told Forbes. “Our flagship blenders and pods meet the demands of an on-the-go society by being reusable, easy to throw in a bag or cup holder, activated without a button, and sleek in design.”

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