Manage your blood pressure at home with this doctor-approved smart device: 'Only one button to press'

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With the majority of us currently staying at home and without easy access to doctors’ offices or hospitals, staying on top of our health is a priority more so than usual. Particularly, those with pre-existing health conditions, specifically hypertension/high blood pressure, may be suffering as they are temporarily lacking those routine checkups that ensure that their levels are stable.

To be certain that there are no gray areas regarding their health during this time, checking their blood pressure levels at their leisure may be helpful. While there are tons of at-home blood pressure monitoring products on the market, Withings’ BPM Connect Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor is unlike the rest — and it’s currently on sale at Amazon.

Shop: Withings BPM Connect Wi-Fi Smart Blood Pressure Monitor, $79.95 (Orig. $99.95)

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According to Withings’ study, “1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure,” which currently stands as the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. Since the study further states that many don’t even show symptoms, the American Heart Association recommends home blood pressure monitoring “to improve control rates and provide better prognostic indicators.”

With this in mind, the folks at Withings have created this smart blood pressure monitoring device that is said to provide “medically accurate” results. Among the results presented are systolic and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate.

The brand outlined that through using this device, you “may be able to avoid white-coat syndrome, detect masked hypertension, and manage nocturnal hypertension.”

Credit: Withings

BPM Connect, described as “the simplest way to manage your blood pressure from home,” is also approved by medical professionals.

Dr. Postel-Vinay, a cardiologist at Pompidou Hospital in Paris, praised the product’s performance, saying, “Monitoring blood pressure at home is recommended to facilitate diagnosis and ensure the efficacy of hypertension treatment. BPM Connect is perfect for this use because it’s reliable and easy to use.”

Dr. Postel-Vinay’s assessment that the device is easy to use is proved in its one-button functionality — That’s all it takes.

“With only one button to press, results right on the screen, and automatic Wi-Fi sync, BPM Connect is the simplest way to accurately measure your blood pressure and monitor it over time,” the description reads.

During use, in addition to results appearing on the device itself, they show up on your smartphone through the Health Mate App (available for iOS and Android). Results can also be instantly shared with your doctor with one tap. With Wi-Fi synchronization, there is also no need to have your smartphone beside you during or after the measurement — It all syncs to the app via your home Wi-Fi network. The app also has unlimited storage.

For easy portability and concealment, the device can be wrapped up in its flexible cuff and packed away.

Credit: Withings

Some of the other neat features this gadget boasts are its multi-user functionality (up to eight people can use the device with their own accounts), its USB-rechargeable battery and Apple Health synchronization.

So, how do reviewers feel about this smart blood pressure monitor? Amazon shoppers, in particular, have been gushing about its convenience and performance. One reviewer even admitted that it “is the easiest blood pressure monitor that I have ever used.”

“Very easy and fast to setup. Very easy to put on,” the shopper added. “The test is fairly quick and gives you a read out that you can read on the device. Transferring your data to your iPhone takes just one tap of the button.”

Speaking particularly to its validity, a second reviewer, who works in the healthcare field, wrote, “Most importantly, it is accurate. I am a nurse and I used it on my son and husband and then took their blood pressures manually and it was very close in readings.”

Proving that it’s also perfect for those who may not have targeted health problems, another shopper wrote, “I purchased this product so I can keep an eye on my blood pressure at any time.”

One gripe a few shoppers had with the device, however, is that they had to position their arms “a bit differently than what they show in the video” in order to get an accurate reading.

“Place your arm palm up straight in front of you on a flat surface at the same level of your heart,” one shopper specified. “Don’t put your arm next to you as the video shows.”

Withings’ BPM Connect can be purchased at Amazon or at the brand’s native site.

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