Fast food employee stirs controversy with ‘scary’ drive-thru behavior: ‘She needs to be fired’

A fast food customer is sparking an online debate after sharing their encounter with a frustrated drive-thru worker.

The customer, Daniel Gullet, shared a video of the exchange on TikTok, where it’s since been viewed more than 3 million times. In the clip, captioned “I just wanted a number 8,” Gullet records himself ordering from the drive-thru at a Checkers restaurant.

Gullet begins listing off his order to a female employee, who attempts to stop him from finishing his request.

“Hi, can you just give me one second?” the Checkers employee asks.

But Gullet continues his order, laying on new requests and additions as the employee continuously asks for “one second.”

Ultimately, the drive-thru worker becomes frustrated, exiting the restaurant and yelling directly at Gullet’s car.

“B*** I said give me a second!” she tells him.

The clip drew a wide range of reactions online, with some users calling the employee’s behavior “scary.”

“Girl should keep it professional you never yell at a customer no matter how difficult and complicated they are being,” one user commented.

“She needs to be fired,” another user wrote when re-sharing the video.

But some claimed that the incident was actually Gullet’s fault, as he had “disrespected” the fast-food worker by ignoring her requests.

“Honestly I can tell you have never worked a customer service job,” one commenter wrote.

Others disregarded the video altogether though, claiming the video was likely a prank staged by two friends. Several users pointed to the fact that the female employee appears to laugh after she exits the restaurant to yell at Gullet.

However, many of those TikTok users also wrote that even if the video was fake, customers like Gullet are incredibly common at fast-food chains.

“I realize it’s a joke, but people actually do bs like that to workers,” one user claimed.

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