Adorable puppies react after realizing they’re being filmed

George, Lulu and Kona are chocolate and tan Dachshund puppies. Their owner documents the tiny dogs’ adventures on Instagram.

The “three snag rolls” — as they are dubbed — like to run amok. In this Instagram video, the trio is caught off guard by the camera.

“Caught being naughty = project kill the evidence,” the caption reads.

In the clip, two of the mini Dachshunds emerge from a small crevice near a dog house. But when one notices the camera, the canine begins to chase it across the grass as the other follows. The pup is no match for the device when the third dog emerges to playfully tackles it to the ground.

Instagram couldn’t help but give the little cuties some love in the comments section.

“Get that camera!” one user said.

“I love their little running!” another person wrote.

“What a fun play session! Mind if I join?” one user wrote.

The display of utter joy is unsurprising from the dog breed. Daschunds are known for their energetic and pleasant personalities. They love to chase, dig and play smelling-based games. Evidence of the first Daschunds dates back to the 1500s when they were crossbreeds of Brackes and Pinschers, according to Petfinder.

Owners kept the small critters to protect the home and farm from rodents up until the 20th century. But today the breed is kept as a family pet.

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