A family dressed as dinosaurs to give out face masks


A Canadian mother and daughter wore inflatable dinosaur suits to distribute free face masks. Nina and Demi Antonakes gave the protective gear out in Toronto to cheer up passersby amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Associated Press.

In April, Nina posted about making homemade masks for shelters on Instagram. She even cited sewing as a family skill. In May, nicknaming themselves Yonge and Bloor, the pair donned identical brown T. rex costumes in the city center.

They created fake face masks big enough to wear over the dinosaurs’ mouths.

Videos Nina posted show the pair holding a bag with the free face covers. A woman without a mask can be seen grabbing a couple masks for herself and a friend, while a few other strangers, with covered faces, take the masks to go.

Another video shows the mother and daughter wearing the costumes in front of a gym while doing jumping jacks. They’re really getting a lot of use out of these inflatables!

Instagram users found the hilarious acts of service to be inspiring.

“Amazing!!! You guys are awesome!” one person wrote.

“This is awesome! So sweet of you guys,” another person said.

“Such a kind and fun gesture,” one user wrote.

“What a wonderful thing you guys are doing for the community! Kudos to you!” another said.

This isn’t the first time someone has worn an inflatable suit as protective equipment. A man in Spain was arrested for breaking quarantine dressed as a T. rex, while a woman in China picked up prescription meds as an inflatable giraffe. One American couple even visited relatives in a spacesuit costume.

Nevertheless, the Washington Post notes that such suits are not officially recommended as protective equipment. Virus-containing particles can still enter the costume through the blower and infect the wearer.

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