This luxury RV will make any road trip a breeze


Spanish company Rioja Singular Vehicles makes specialized RVs with customizable functionality. They’re far more elaborate than anything you’d see at campsites or on the open road.

Just take a look at the Motorhome: Maverick Viñales MV12. When the massive vehicle is parked, it looks more like a transformer. The roof elevates to create overhead space for the second floor of the interior. If that’s already blowing your mind, wait until you see the inside.

The Maverick looks like a luxury condo. Stairs lead up to a master bedroom with a giant bed, desk, dresser, closet, television and enough space to do a few cartwheels. There’s even a bathroom with a toilet and sink.

Other spaces include a second adult bedroom, a children’s room with two twin beds, a luxury shower and a living room with two TVs. The Maverick can even be fitted with a balcony.

Riojas has been designing custom vehicles since 1860. Customers, like Porsche, Formula 1 and Yamaha, work with the company throughout the design and development process to perfect each project. Then Rioja manufactures the vehicle with quality, durability and ergonomics in mind.

Gigadgets shared a clip of the Maverick on Instagram, which has been watched over 268,000 times.

Many took it as an opportunity to fantasize about having an RV this tricked out.

“Perfect for quarantine… and perfect for billionaires,” one user said.

“Takes it to the next level, literally,” one person wrote.

“Bruh, that’s a whole 12 wheeler,” another said.

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