This fitness-obsessed 80-year-old will inspire you to move your body

Ageless” profiles seniors who are pursuing their passions well into their golden years, from drag queen performances to competitive sports.

Jacinto Bonilla is revolutionizing the way we think of the relationship between fitness and aging.

At 80 years old, he told In The Know he’s been obsessed with exercising his entire life.

“I don’t believe I’m 80, because I’ve seen 80-year-olds that can’t move,” he said. “I’m not downing anyone in their 80s, but I’m glad because of the way I feel today. I don’t ever want to have anybody take care of me.”

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Bonilla got hooked on CrossFit in 2006 after searching for something new to motivate him. He says that now, 14 years later, he can keep up with the much younger members of his classes.

“I walk here, it’s two and a half miles from my house, and when I finish my workout, I think it’s going to be a struggle to walk home,” he told In The Know. “But you know what, I do it anyway.”

A woman named Diana who trains with Bonilla told In The Know that she reached out to him one day after seeing him from afar, and they “started on their little journey that [they’ve] been on for two years.”

Diana’s 6-year-old son joins her for her workouts with Bonilla.

“[Bonilla] makes you feel like you’re part of his family and very comfortable,” she told In The Know. “So I think that’s helped my son grow … he makes his mommy look really, really bad.”

Credit: Facebook / Jacinto Bonilla

Bonilla doesn’t plan to stop any time soon — and he offered words of wisdom to other older folks interested in working out.

“You’re never too old to get into fitness,” he said. “I’m gonna keep working out until the end of my life — until I am no more. I don’t think I could ever stop. If you love doing something … you won't stop.”

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