This automatic hand-washer removes 99 percent of bacteria in 12 seconds

This company is making washing your hands even easier.

Meritech’s CleanTech Automatic Handwashing Stations eliminates human error from the personal hygiene equation. Manual hand-washing is only as effective as the individual doing it, and if the current pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that public health is dependent on the actions of others. CleanTech completely removes those variables.

The line of six machines is clinically proven to remove 99.9 percent of harmful pathogens in 12 seconds. A great sustainable option, the stations even use 75 percent less water than standard sinks.

All you have to do is stick your hands in the two holes up to your forearm. Once the water starts, leave them in until it stops. Then remove your sanitized hands. The machine has three spinning cylinders that spray pressurized water and cleaning solution to coat the hands entirely.

Each level ensures the wrist, palms and back of the hands along with the fingertips and under the nails are completely cleaned.

In fact, CleanTech boasts itself as the only fully-automated hand-washing technology that cleanses up to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s standards each time.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out some of these testimonials from organizations that use CleanTech Automatic Handwashing Stations.

“We really like the Meritech systems,” one reviewer said. “After we clean our knives and other tools, I hold them in the machine there as a final rinse and sanitize. We always get perfect swabs on surfaces and hands as verification of cleaning.”

“We have been using Meritech for several years for our environmental monitoring program and your company has always provided results in a timely manner,” another company wrote.

“We love the Meritech sink in our unit,” one person wrote. “It is fun to use with the kids and the adults enjoy the feel of the ‘spa-like’ hand wash.”

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