Ice cream vendor serves scoops with a side of fun


Award-winning GoPro photographer Vedat Dumanli captured his visit to a popular Instanbul ice cream vendor at the Borek Center.

Dumanli, who shares his world travels on Instagram under the handle Mr. Traveller, described this particular experience as a “test of his patience for a Turkish ice cream.”

In the video, the man sticks the end of a long stick onto the scoop of Dumanli’s ice cream cone. Each time Dumanli reaches for it, the man pulls it away. The two go tit for tat throughout a few tries. When Dumanli finally grasps the cone, the man pulls the ice cream scoop away. He dunks his utensil into the ice cream vat and it emerges with a massive scoop the size of the entire tub.

It finally appears the man has gotten serious when he hands Dumanli a cone with a couple of regular-sized scoops — wrong. Dumanli has the cone in his hand, only to realize it’s stacked inside several others. The man steals the ice cream cone once again. He then sticks it onto one of the remaining cones Dumanli is holding, only to take it back again. The vendor spins and taunts him with the cone a few more times before finally giving it back. The exchange was all in good fun as the pair high five in the final shot.

Vendor tricks are a common Turkish practice when serving dondurma, the country’s special form of chewy, stretchy ice cream. The full name of the snack is Maraş ice cream after its originating city.

Dondurma’s unique traits come from its plant-derived ingredients like salep, the tuber of an orchid and mastic, a plant resin, according to Grub Street.

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