Acrobats use quarantine to rehearse jaw-dropping routine

Acrobats use quarantine to rehearse jaw-dropping routine

Three northern Australian acrobats haven’t given up training at home.

Harry McKoy, Cooper Ayton and Jack Manson work at Cirque du Soleil, the largest contemporary circus producer in the world. The trio held a practice session of its new teeterboard act and posted a video of the jaw-dropping rehearsal footage.

“We are currently in quarantine at our houses, so we decided to set up our circus equipment and make an act!” they told Newsflare. “We thought we would make our quarantine fun.”

In the backyard clip, the men have a giant safety mat laid out. At the center is a see-saw with one of the men standing on either side. The third member of the group observes from a couch in a panda suit, with a dog.

First, one acrobat jumps on his end and launches the other several feet into the air. While elevated, he does multiple backflips. Then he lands perfectly on his feet, which launches the other acrobat into the air. The two go back and forth to build momentum until the first man does a few flips.

Finally, they both land on their feet. The panda jumps onto the center of the see-saw and the trio takes a bow. Not too shabby for just a rehearsal.

McKoy’s Instagram followers were certainly impressed with the human feat.

“How do you land so well? Like that looks like it hurts so bad,” one said.

“What a beauty! You guys are killing it,” another said.

Meanwhile, other users were transfixed by the guy in the panda suit.

“I was distracted by the panda on the sofa,” one person wrote.

“Loving the panda,” another added.

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