Man stirs debate after criticizing pregnant wife: 'I have no sympathy'

A 27-year-old man is stirring controversy online by claiming that since his wife is pregnant, he is “also pregnant.”

The man, who is already a father of three, shared his story (and frustrations) to Reddit’s “Am I The A****** (AITA)” forum on May 5.

“Every single pregnancy we’ve been through my wife has been a complete nightmare,” he wrote.

Though he says he can deal with some things, like “waking up to the sound of her puking her guts out every morning,” other demands make him “a little impatient.”

“I work way longer hours than her in a much more physically demanding profession (I’m a plumber, she’s an engineer) so I think we’re putting an equal amount of effort into this baby,” he added.

‘I think we’re basically both pregnant’

According to the Reddit user, even though he helps around the house by doing the laundry, taking out the trash and mowing the lawn, his mother-in-law constantly says that he is “useless.”

“Just because I want one hour of video games to myself a day instead of cleaning up messes in the kitchen doesn’t mean I’m ‘useless,'” he wrote.

All of this came to a head when the user’s wife “screamed at [him] from the kitchen to get off [his] a** and entertain [the] twins so she could focus on her meatloaf.”

“I made a dumb joke about how this is the third meatloaf we’ll be eating this week, and she. lost. her. s***,” he said. “She told me how I have no sympathy for the fact that she’s pregnant, I should be taking on more of her chores since I can’t breastfeed, but then I reminded her that I still work a lot more hours than her, so I think we’re basically both pregnant.”

‘My god man’

Given the controversial nature of the post, many people flocked to the comments to share their thoughts — which, for the most part, were in favor of the man’s pregnant wife.

“You want to play video games instead of watch the kids? You’re irritated by what your wife is making dinner? You think that things like waking up in the middle of the night because she’s puking are analogous to waking up in the night to puke? You’re a huge major asshole,” one person said.

“Now, your wife needs to handle some things better, but this is a stupid way and stupid plan to think this will fix it,” the user added. “She’s creating a living creature inside of her and let me assure you that s*** is way harder than whatever you have to do. My god man.”

“She’s cooking dinner, dealing with chores, looking after 3 kids and literally growing another human AND working while you’re sat on your bum [whining] or playing video games,” another user commented. “If you don’t want meatloaf make dinner yourself! Why on earth she would want a 4th child with … such a selfish moaning man I don’t know. You owe her a serious apology and get yourself a reality check.”

“I’m upvoting so your wife sees this,” a third person added. “You’re the a******.”

Some people were so appalled by the post that they shared their belief (or hope) that it was fake.

“What was the point of this piece of creative fiction, to watch people get mad?” one person said.

“I hope it’s fake, because I’d feel so sorry for the wife if it’s real,” another user added.

For what it’s worth, it seemed as though the original poster is attempting to turn things around with his wife.

“My wife found this post and now she wants us to do couples counseling,” he said in an update. “Thanks for the feedback, guys.”

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