SEE IT: 4-year-old with cancer has emotional reunion with dad after 7 weeks apart amid coronavirus

A young Scottish girl with cancer was finally reunited with her father this week after nearly two months apart due to coronavirus.

For the past seven weeks, 4-year-old Mila Sneddon, who has a rare type of leukemia, was only able to see her dad Scott through their kitchen window and chat through an ajar door due to the youngster’s compromised immune system and her father having to work amid the pandemic, ITV News reports.

Sneddon moved out to protect Mila and after he was furloughed, he had to go into isolation before returning home.

The father and daughter were finally reunited Wednesday, a heartwarming moment that was caught on video.

In the sweet clip, the two are seen speaking through the window just as they have been, when Sneddon reveals, “I’m going to come home today.”

“Today?” his daughter asks, beaming.

Upon walking into the house, Sneddon asks for a hug, and Mila gladly obliges, crying in his arms.

“Was that a good surprise?” he asks.

Answering that it was, Mila then squealed with delight upon learning her father wasn’t separating himself from her long-term again.

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