Innovative staircase disguises itself as cool wall art when folded away

German design company raumvonwert works to combine form and functionality in their products.

One of their innovations is called the Klapster, a hidden pull-out staircase that seamlessly integrates right into the wall. The furniture designers came up with the idea when they noticed more people were choosing small apartments in cities over larger suburban countryside homes.

Whether it’s to upgrade a loft apartment or to make the attic more accessible, the Klapster is a great option. The folding mechanism is user friendly and one person can operate it. Meanwhile, the components are delivered pre-assembled.

Thus, people who live alone can easily install and use the Klapster without worrying about fussing or toiling with tricky equipment.

When unused, the Klapster is so compressed it looks like an unassuming, cool piece of artwork. When the homeowner unfolds the Klapster it instantly reconfigures into a sleek staircase.

“Klapster Comfort consists of two stair stringers and centered steps, which are connected by spring supported rotation axis,” according to the product’s website. “The integrated rotation axis enables a swivel movement of the steps by 90 degrees, whereby the stairs can be moved from an unfolded to a complete folded condition.”

The Klapster is stored without changing its overall length because the stair stringers and steps are contained in a single plane on the wall. The modular design means it can be customized to fit most spaces.

It’s available in three sizes — Comfort, Slim and Ultralight — depending on how much mounting space is available.

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