7 under-the-radar hijabi bloggers you should know about


The fashion industry has not always been the most progressive when it comes to diverse marketing. Although there have been efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in everything from product offerings to celebrity endorsements, many shoppers are left with two choices: no representation at all, or a monolithic representation of an entire group.

For the Muslim community, fashion’s attempt to be inclusive has largely focused on pushing pre-existing modest wares instead of understanding the variables that make the global community diverse. Just as individual people are complex, understanding an entire religious and cultural community takes nuance.

Fashion has targeted modest religious groups — the largest being the Muslim community — through clothing options that have resulted in $243 billion of revenue from Muslim consumers alone. That number is expected to increase to more than $368 billion by 2021.

According to Ogilvy Noor, a consulting agency, over 90 percent of Muslims say their religion affects their choices as consumers. However, not all Muslim consumers have the same spending habits or fashion preferences.

hijabi blogger
hijabi blogger

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For brands, it’s important to ensure authenticity in the selling of certain garments, as well as to understand that there is no one ‘Muslim consumer.’ Take Nike, for example: It launched its “Pro-Hijab” marketing campaign in 2017 and brought awareness to Muslim women athletes as well as to its market expansion into the Middle East.

“The opportunity has always been there,” Alia Khan, chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion Design Council, told Al Jazeera. “It’s indeed a coveted consumer. And finally, this consumer is being noticed and getting a nod from brands like [Dolce and Gabbana], DKNY, Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger … Zara has come up with their own Ramadan collection.”

Needless to say, the name of the game is inclusion and not quick marketing ploys. Beauty has posed its own challenges for Muslim beauty bloggers, many of whom continue to wear their hijabs while filming and testing products, appearing on camera or even walking down a runway.

While names like Nura Afia, Halima Aden, Huda and Mona Kattan immediately come to mind for beauty, there are other hijabi bloggers and influencers who are doing great work without recognition.

Below, we spotlighted a few of our favorite beauty influencers that should be on your radar for their effortless slay 24/7.

Zahraa Berro

If you’re someone who loves a great neutral palette, look no further than Zahraa’s Instagram grid, which proves there’s nothing boring about a nude lip or a brown hijab.

Haute Hijab

Who says modesty can’t be fly? Haute Hijab’s CEO Melanie proves that fashion and modesty can go hand-in-hand with the brand’s stylish takes on hijab wear and dressing up one’s outfits.

Dilah Beauty

What I love the most about Dilah’s looks is that none of them feel too inaccessible for beauty beginners. The engineer-turned-beauty-boss frequently posts videos that break down how to achieve her makeup look, followed by still photos of the before and after. Needless to say, I’m hooked.

Zainab Hassan

Zainab not only shows us that natural lighting is clearly the best lighting, but also that makeup and beauty expression truly belongs to all. Her Instagram is riddled with tutorials and selfies that could make any makeup artist jealous.

Hodan Yusef

I first learned about Hodan years ago while looking on Instagram for a particular eye look. Immediately, I was smitten by her rich, chocolate skin — and eventually, I found out that she’s not only a beauty babe, but also a mother of four who frequently dishes on the world of motherhood to her viewers.

Sahar Shaykzada

If you’re looking for someone who seriously kills an eye look, Sahar is your under-the-radar secret weapon. Just scroll through her IG photos to see how each and every eye look is perfectly carved and sculpted. I have no words.

Aysha Harun

I originally found Aysha through her YouTube channel, which is chock full of makeup tutorials, how-tos, and fun vlogs that show off her gentle yet captivating personality. She’s a multi-faceted beauty babe who also shares food recipes and videos of Muslim culture, such as her Ramadan daily series, with her audience members.

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