Watch this athlete transform into a vintage-inspired drag queen

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Makaela may be a seasoned athlete, but she’s a rookie when it comes to drag. On the latest episode of “Dragged,” this Sporty Spice drag newbie enlists the help of hosts Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija to bring her vintage-inspired femme drag persona to life.

As an athlete, Makaela says she often felt her self-expression and femininity were suppressed. She’s looking to channel glamorous vintage vibes with her transformation, drawing inspiration from hyper-feminine queens like Valentina. And Cummings and LaBeija are totally on board.

“I’m not into sports, but I play with balls a lot. We’re going to make this a lot of fun,” Cummings says to a shocked Makaela before quickly adding. “What!? Like tennis.”

Editor’s note: Cummings has never played tennis a day in her life.

Credit: In The Know

Cummings and LeBeija decide to dress Makaela in a glamorous gold and sequined jumpsuit that emphasizes her model-like height and physique. LaBeija chooses a blonde wig with some serious stacked layers for an edgy twist. Some glitter gold pumps and a spiked gold bracelet finish off Makaela’s drag fashion — and now it’s time for makeup.

While Makaela gets a face beat featuring thick black eyeliner and a serious contour, she decides on a drag name: Misty Maxx. The name is a play on her nickname, Mac. And this double “x” queen is ready for her debut.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

“It’s like so different, but I feel so glamorous,” a newly minted Misty Maxx says. “I’ve never felt this way before.”

“Femininity is empowering, right?” LaBeija says.

“Literally,” Maxx responds. “Exactly.”

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