TikToker comes up with creative way to have fun with ‘friends’ while social distancing

TikToker comes up with creative way to have fun with ‘friends’ while social distancing

Dance like no one is watching — and then post it on TikTok where more than 4 million people will view it.

Jack Gwood describes himself on TikTok as “gen z and proud.” Gwood has been posting on the platform since November 2018, but recently has started hitting his groove with weird videos of him adjusting to life in quarantine.

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One of these videos features Gwood attaching poles to his hands, feet and back, and connecting them to two figures made out of polyester stuffing.

At first glance, it might look like Gwood is with two other people — until you realize the other two’s heads are balloons.

As Gwood dances around, the clones on either side of him match his movements.

“I think I’ve officially lost it,” Gwood captioned the video.

The clip was viewed millions of times, with more than 4,000 comments. As of now, it’s Gwood’s most popular video on TikTok.

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