Starbucks employee shares video of her drive-thru prank: ‘Why am I worried you’ll get in trouble?’


A Starbucks employee is going viral after sharing her creative drive-thru prank, which most customers seemed not to notice.

The employee, who goes by the username lightningmcquinn24 on social media, shared a video of the stunt on TikTok, where it’s since been viewed more than 320,000 times.

Her clip features a series of interactions with drive-thru customers, during which she introduces herself under a variety of absurd names — from “Splenda” to “Popcorn.” At one point, she even introduces herself as “Starbucks.”

“Hi my name is ham and Swiss croissant, and I’m the best thing on the menu,” she tells another patron.

Despite lightningmcquinn24’s dozens of wacky introductions, most customers were apparently unfazed.

“Just tryna make people smile during this but dang some ppl aren’t paying attention,” she captioned her video.


Just tryna make people smile during this but dang some ppl aren’t paying attention. Shout out to the people who drove by saying “hi Splenda!”

♬ original sound - lightningmcquinn24

At least a few people seemed to catch on though, as lightningmcquinn24 also noted in her caption that one group of customers said “Hi, Splenda!” as they drove by the window.

The prank — which also featured fake names like “Pinkity Drinkity” and “Passion Tango” — certainly caught the attention of TikTok users, many of whom shared their praise in the video’s comments.

“The last one SENT ME OVER THE EDGE,” one user commented.

“Im dying this is gold,” another added.

A few years were a bit more cautious though, worrying the stunt might backfire.

“I love this sm. Why am I worried you’ll get in trouble?” one user wrote.

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