Mom's 'obscene' parenting decision has social media users enraged: 'This picture terrifies me'


A photo of a baby wearing outrageously long acrylic nails is sparking backlash online.

The photo was uploaded to Reddit’s r/trashy forum on May 6 by a user named mikel_aca. “Wtf?” they said about the baby’s fake nails, which are bedazzled and feature the Louis Vuitton logo.

Naturally, people were disgusted by this “trashy” nail art.

“The obscenity. A baby….” one person said.

“I feel genuinely uncomfortable,” another added.

Many users also expressed concern for the baby’s safety in the comments.

“So when my kid was about 6 months [old] he got his entire finger under my eyelid before i could move away. This picture terrifies me,” one person said.

“Just imagine, you wake up, and your toddler is missing a f****** eyeball,” another commented.

“I’m concerned this baby will poke her eye out,” a third added. “Toddlers are dumb. I can already see the s*** show as mom peels these off.”

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