Little girl sums up exactly what speaking to customer service is like


Anyone who has been put on hold for hours on end knows exactly what this little girl is going through.

Barstool Sports’s podcast “The Podfathers Podcast” curates videos of hilarious kids on its Instagram page. One mother, Gina Iezzi, submitted a hilarious clip of her toddler daughter pretending to be on the phone.

The little girl stands in the middle of the living room, sporting nothing but a pink baby doll dress and undies, holding up a toy to use as her phone. She unleashes an adorable tirade of baby talk with some attitude — somebody has seen mommy and daddy get into it over a missing package or hidden charge one too many times.

Barstool Sports appropriately captioned the video, “On the phone with the internet provider and they put you on hold for the 100th time.”

Instagram users found the pretend phone conversation to be almost too real. People watched the clip over 933,000 times.

“After sixteen shots trying to tell your parents why they should keep paying for your college,” one person wrote.

“Proof little kids have lived a past life,” one person wrote.

“How I feel when calling the unemployment number for the 19363525288363527826252th time,” another said.

Toddlers imitate their parents as an essential part of their development. It fosters a bond with guardians, builds language skills and brings them positive attention, according to

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