This $20 tool is the easiest (and pain-free) way to remove pesky face hair

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As the old saying goes, “Beauty is pain,” but it’s 2020, and beauty doesn’t have to be painful anymore.

When it comes to unwanted facial hair, you could, of course, opt for expensive salon waxes or try self kits at home. But why subject yourself to spending more money or enduring — yet again — that sweet, sweet burn after a fresh wax when you could have a lipstick-sized device that quickly and painlessly gets the job done?

For those who want to say goodbye to facial waxes for good, let me introduce you to your new favorite beauty tool: the $20 Finishing Touch Flawless Hair Remover.

It’s been my go-to solution for removing upper lip, cheek and bodily peach fuzz for years. It’s one of those “as-seen-on-TV” products that you might silently ask yourself, “Is this too good to be true?”. But let me tell you, it’s not, and I’m hooked.

With sensitive skin, my face would immediately become inflamed with bumps after waxing at the salon, so I was determined to find something to safely use at home. When you use the Finishing Touch Flawless hair remover, it’ll feel a bit like magic since you can’t see where the hair is going but you instantly notice results.

Using circular motions over the section of your face where you want to remove hair, the device uses proprietary “Butterfly Technology” that microscopically erases hair by trimming them with its spinning head. Pro tip: When using, be sure to not hold at an angle but directly perpendicular to your face.

And if you’re worried about the device irritating your face, it’s safe to use on any skin type as the device doesn’t abrasively rub against your skin. But the best part, besides the quick hair removal, is the tool comes with a built-in light so you can easily spot pesky hairs, especially in times where you might be without great lighting.

Shop: Finishing Touch Flawless Women’s Painless Hair Remover, $19.88

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Instead of adding to the laundry list of devices you own that use a charger, the Finishing Touch hair remover is battery-operated.

While I haven’t had to replace the tip of my remover just yet, you can buy a pack of two replacement heads when you notice the device is not working as well — the trimmer may be getting dull, so it’s time to swap.

While I swear by this tiny device and use it almost daily, if you’re not convinced, you can check its near-perfect rating on Amazon with more than 6,500 five-star reviews. However, some people aren’t quite the biggest fans of the product and have noted some inefficiencies.

“Does it take care of the peach fuzz that has infiltrated my lily-white skin? Yes . . . Does it take care of the true ‘man hairs’? Those thick, nasty, dark, coarse few hairs that have suddenly shown up in my chin area? Not really. While the little handy unit will chop the length off, it definitely leaves the root in place,” one reviewer mentioned.

Of course, there are competing products out there like these tiny disposable razors, specifically made for peach fuzz, but they don’t include a built-in light and quickly dull.

For quick, daily hair removal, this hair remover is the total package in my book.

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