Artist creates innovative designs with just a dropper and ink

Jamie Pomeranz is the artist behind the company, Devils May Care.

Pomeranz sells “fluid art” and teaches others how to make it. Fluid art is the method of pouring paints onto a canvas to create abstract and unique works.

The Hoboken-based artist, however, uses alcohol inks which is the fluid in professional illustrator markers or stamp pads. She shared a recent video of her art process on Instagram.

“I’m going through another rose phase. I missed them,” Pomeranz said in the caption. “Making this bouquet gave me such a state of zen. The bouquet kept growing. And growing. And growing. I needed that escape. The only thing in my head were those roses and Fiona Apple’s dark sweet voice blasting. The world completely melted away.”

In the clip, Pomeranz uses a dropper filled with dark blue ink to create an organic, circular shape. Next, she layers smaller and smaller droplets to create the look of petals.

Then she goes in with a precision tool to perfect the details. The result is a set of blue roses with all the shadow and depth you’d expect from a more meticulous and controlled process.

To create alcohol ink art, all you need are the inks, a non-porous surface like yupo paper, tile or glass.

Pomeranz is all about experimentation. She uses straws, compressed air from a canister, hairdryers, heat guns and even her mouth to manipulate and push the ink.

If fluid art seems like it would be super relaxing and fun to do — it’s how Pomeranz got started herself. The artist, who had already dabbled in photography and t-shirt making, attended a friend’s “wine and whine” session with alcohol inks. From there, she became an “instant addict.”

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