This medical device works like a zip tie so anyone can administer it

S.T.A.T. has reinvented the tourniquet.

The medical tie is often used to inhibit the flow of blood through a vein or artery. Now S.T.A.T. Medical Devices has upgraded it to include a few more life-saving features.

While most medical tourniquets are typically made of rubber or velcro. S.T.A.T.’s is basically a giant, latex-free zip tie created to prevent mass casualties.

Due to the tourniquet’s user-friendly design, it’s easy to teach people how to administer it in case of an emergency. The instructions are printed right on the label and only takes five seconds to apply about two to three inches above the wound. Just slip it on like a zip tie and pull the extra grip or finger loop.

Its automatic self-locking mechanism kicks in immediately to ensure it stays in place, while the zip tie’s release lever makes it easy to remove after the patient has received medical care. The tourniquet is secured in two-millimeter increments to prevent overtightening which can cause nerve or tissue damage.

But what makes it totally unlike other products on the market is its built-in timer. No batteries are required to activate it, just the push of a button. This allows medical professionals to track when the tourniquet was first applied.

Another unique feature is its ability to self-heal. The S.T.A.T. tourniquet is made of proprietary, flexible bullet-resistant material. If torn or broken, the zip tie reseals itself. Multiple zip ties can even be joined together to create a torso compression strap that can apply consistent pressure to a packed wound. This can free the emergency responder’s hands to complete other important tasks.

Finally, thanks to its pull-tab, first responders can store 50 or more preloaded tourniquets on one carabiner in preparation for rapid-response events like natural disasters or active shooters.

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