Woman captures unknown visitors on doorbell camera: ‘I still have no idea who one is’


A woman in Ohio is going viral after sharing footage of the surprise guests she caught on her doorbell camera.

Brooke Baxter, who lives in Tallmadge, shared the clips to her Facebook account on April 29, where they’ve since gained national media attention and thousands of views.

The two videos — one recorded at night and the other in daylight — show costumed figures approaching her house, then leaving a care package full of snacks and drinks for her family. Baxter took to calling the mysterious deliverypeople her “beer fairies.”

“Thank you to my beer fairies that came last week! I’m a little late posting and I still have no idea who one is,” she wrote on Facebook.

At first glance, Baxter’s footage seems almost frightening; for example, the nighttime video shows a person wearing an animal mask and dropping an unidentifiable bag on her porch.

But in reality, that stranger, who can be seen dancing before they leave, was actually delivering beer and candy. The mysterious guests even left messages on their bags, telling Baxter and her family to “stay healthy and enjoy a few beers on us.”

In the other video, someone dressed as a dinosaur actually rings her doorbell before leaving another care package.

Baxter told Fox News that she eventually learned the identity of her “beer fairies,” but not until several days after they’d brought her packages. She added that the practice has become a sort of “pay it forward” community trend, meaning she was expected to do the same for some of her neighbors.

That goodwill has already reportedly spread, with Baxter telling Fox News she left care packages for three more people.

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