Man's 'next level' ultrasound prank leaves pregnant wife unamused: 'Let me know when the divorce hearings come up’

When his pregnant wife asked for copies of their ultrasound pictures, this Reddit user decided to have some fun.

On May 5, the user — who goes by WFKClark — posted the details of their prank to the r/funny subreddit.

“When my wife had an ultrasound for our first child I took a photo of the print out so she could send to friends and family,” they wrote. “Instead I sent her this … and she sent it to everyone before [realizing] what it was.”

The “this” the user is referring to is a photoshopped ultrasound of a xenomorph from the movie “Alien.”

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit
Credit: 20th Century Fox
Credit: 20th Century Fox

“She was not amused,” WFKClark said.

Though the Redditor’s wife wasn’t entertained, commenters certainly were.

“[I’m] pregnant with twins and I just showed your comment to my husband because now we’re gonna have to pull something like this on them,” one person said.

“This is dad jokes ultimate,” another user added. “Gently maturing for decades, planned like a master and left to cause facepalms and groans long after his passing.”

“Let me know when the divorce hearings come up,” a third person joked. “I’d love to see the judge’s face.”

Some people even gave WFKClark ideas for messing with his child down the road.

“I had my kids convinced that my wife was an alien. She worked afternoons before the kids went to school so I had them after work until bedtime by myself and told them that she went to her spaceship every night that was why she wasn’t there for dinner. Kept it going for about a year before one of the kids curiosity overcame their fear of their alien mother and asked about what it was like on the spaceship. Boy was she pissed. The boys and I still laugh about it to this day (neither child has spent any appreciable time in jail, or come back home to live……….yet),” one person said.

“Hum…it’s gonna be very hard not to try this when he’s old enough now,” WFKClark joked in response.

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