Hairstylist specializes in unique rainbow highlights


We could all use a touch of color!

Ruby Devine is a Virginia-based hairstylist and educator. The 17-year beauty veteran works at The LABoratory where stylists and clients experiment with dynamic color. Devine’s specialty is underlights or “secret rainbow hair.”

Devine created both the technique and term “underlights.” The process describes when the stylist pins up the visible layers of the hair around the parietal ridge (where the head starts to curve) and then bleaches and colors the strands underneath.

The result is hair that looks one solid color when worn down and appears multicolored when styled. Underlights are a great option for those who attend work, school or events with strict dress codes and need hair that can go from free spirit to conservative in a matter of seconds.

For one adventurous client, Devine dyed the top layers of the hair periwinkle with a chevron style rainbow pattern beneath.

A different client received unassuming brunette hair over punchy blue and purple strands.

“When done the way I intended this placement to be done, it is about 80% or more concealable,” Devine captioned the Instagram post. “This makes it great for a lot of different reasons. Convertibility, versatility, ease of grow-out, protection from elements resulting in colorfastness. The list goes on.”

Devine has amassed a following of 61,000 on Instagram. People can’t seem to get enough of the new and creative ways she colors hair.

“Underlights are the gateway drug to a full rainbow head. Love them,” one user wrote.

“I love this technique! Thank you for sharing Ruby. I learned from watching your videos, stories and posts! Before I just had clients doing some subtle streaks underneath but slowly convinced them to get a little bolder,” a fellow stylist wrote.

“This is so amazing. It’s satisfying to look at,” another said.

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