Pregnant woman makes belly 'disappear' in wild video: 'Wait, what?'

Bye bye, baby!

Megan Call, a 23-year-old mom who is currently pregnant with her second child, shared a video of herself making her baby bump nearly vanish into thin air.

“The ultimate baby bump challenge,” she captioned the video, which begins with her husband pulling a fake “plug” from her stomach, followed by the sound of something popping and deflating as Call’s pregnant stomach flattens out.

The feat left many users stunned, wondering what the hell they just watched.

“I just vocally said wait what,” one person wrote.

“She really pulled out the reverse card on her pregnancy,” joked another.

“She done turn the baby into paper,” commented a third.

Tons of viewers, however, voiced their concern over the health of the unborn child, wondering if the move Call demonstrated was safe.

Rest assured, no baby was flattened in the making of this viral clip.

The “Belly Pump” move is actually part of a set of deep core exercises meant for pregnant women called the “Bloom Method,” invented by Colorado personal trainer Brooke Cates.

After similar belly pump videos went viral in 2017, Cates explained that the reason the move causes a pregnant woman’s belly to shrink is not because she is “sucking” the baby in, but because “she’s using her inner core unit” to temporarily slide the fetus up further into the rib cage.

“She’s inhaling with the diaphragm as the belly gets bigger and then on the exhale, she’s lifting through the pelvic floor and starting to wrap the transverse abdominal muscles,” Cates previously told Today.

Although Cates says her method can help expectant mothers mitigate a myriad of the unpleasant effects of pregnancy — from pelvic and back pain to incontinence, all the way to stretch marks and loose skin — experts say there’s little evidence to support her claims. However, many seem to agree the practice could be beneficial, and none seem to say it seems harmful to the mother or baby.

“I don’t think it’s going to hurt,” Dr. Jaques Moritz, an OB-GYN at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, told Today in 2017. “I think the idea of learning about and controlling your abdominal muscles are great — you’re using them a lot for pushing a baby out, there’s no doubt about that.”

New Jersey-based OB-GYN Dr. Donnica Moore echoed the same sentiment, urging pregnant women to consult their own doctors before starting a new fitness program.

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