Incredible footage will convince you to add ‘shark cage diving’ to your bucket list


Calypso Star Charters welcomes ordinary people to go shark cage diving at Neptune Islands Marine Park in South Australia.

For the uninitiated, the way cage diving works is each person wears underwater equipment and rather than jumping into shark-infested waters, they are placed in a protective cage. In this case, it’s the Calypso Star 2 which is fitted with a gyroscopic active stabilizer to prevent seasickness. The cage descends into the ocean where divers can safely observe the sharks.

While Calypso does have a refund policy in the unlikely event you don’t see any sharks, the company is permitted to use natural fish berley to attract the great whites. Sharks are typically present in the area to feed on nosed fur seals. The berley, a mixture of locally sourced fish product, is placed on a tethered bait attached to a floated line to lure sharks closer to the cage.

For those still afraid to add the words “shark cage diving” to their bucket lists, no experience is required for the three-hour journey and Calypso has a 100 percent safety record. Most importantly perhaps, the company operates with sustainability and the environment in mind. It is advanced eco-certified and its vessel captains are Eco-Certified Guides.

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