Woodworker creates a giant donut out of color pencils

We’ve finally found a project for all those old colored pencils!

Andy Phillip is a woodworker who makes and shares interesting pieces on YouTube. Phillip has made everything from a wedding goblet to a 1500-segment infinity symbol using woodturning tools and resin. However, a video of his “Pencil Donut” is a recent hit with his 931,000 channel subscribers.

Woodturning uses a lathe to create wooden objects. A lathe is a power tool that spins a piece of wood on an axis. Woodworkers shape and carve the wood as it rotates to meticulously create the perfect item. Bowls, table legs, candlesticks and yes, even a resin, colored pencil donut are made by woodturning.

To begin, Phillip gathered dozens of colored pencils with both ends flattened. He arranged the pencils by securing them with rubber bands around a wooden cylinder (the donut hole) mounted to a disk. Each pencil is shaped like a hexagon so they fit snugly together to create a colorful pattern.

Next, Phillip poured epoxy resin over the entire arrangement. After allowing it to set and dry, he transferred the massive colored pencil wheel to the lathe.

Then he used tools to carve and smooth the creation into a donut shape. The colors of the pencils, once sanded down, became visible to reveal a vibrant pattern.

Finally, Phillip coated the wood in finish and mounted the donut on a platform. The end result is a funky art piece. And you’d never know it was made of colored pencils.

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