TikToker goes viral for her incredible ’90s Nickelodeon cartoon cosplays

From Helga to Reggie Rocket, this creative TikTok user is going to make any ’90s “Nick kid” nostalgic.

Cookie, who goes by @cookiecorp on the platform, has 44 videos of her completely transforming into various iconic Nickelodeon characters.

She shows the behind-the-scenes of how she develops these intricate costumes, which require a lot of glue, several wigs and attention to detail.

Cookie starts out with her first character, Reggie Rocket from “Rocket Power,” and sets up a purple wig and pulls the straight bangs to the sides. She spray paints a set of curly yarn purple and pins it as the new set of bangs.

Afterward, Cookie prints out a yellow cartoon rocket and irons the print onto a red T-shirt, pulling off Reggie’s iconic costume. Cookie flashes a screenshot of Reggie from the show and then a photo of her in the full costume, complete with sunglasses and a drink from the Shore Shack.

For the next cartoon, Cookie pulls out a long-haired yellow wig and cuts off the sides — leaving just the bangs. She tapes the hair down and glues them all together, leaving her with two stiff boards of wig hair.

She glues the boards to a headband, topped with a giant pink bow, and puts it back on the mannequin head with the wig. The unusual hairstyle can only mean one thing: She’s cosplaying as Helga Pataki from “Hey Arnold.”

For the final cartoon, Cookie has a red-haired curly wig, which she splits up into three parts. She hot glues each part onto a styrofoam cone — two on either side of the head and one on top. It’s another unmistakable hairstyle that ’90s kids will recognize as belonging to Didi Pickles, Tommy’s mom on “Rugrats.”

Cookie’s TikToks get thousands — if not sometimes hundred of thousands — of views and hundreds of comments with compliments and suggestions for future cosplay.

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