Neighbors convert their shared fence into a 6-foot table

Paul Hurton and Anthony Dunn have been next-door neighbors in Durham, England for 20 years. The two men were furloughed from their jobs due to the novel coronavirus pandemic but still enjoyed sitting out in the garden and having a drink until they noticed a major hiccup.

“We were both sat out there but obviously we couldn’t see each other and we couldn’t really talk,” Hurton told The Northern Echo.

As a solution — that wouldn’t violate social distancing rules — he and Dunn decided to convert a section of the wooden fence they shared into a dining table.

“We’d seen something on YouTube where someone had done the table in Australia,” Hurton said. “But they only used half their fence attached to chains, but obviously we wanted to make sure we were further away from each other.”

The men ensured the table was the necessary six-feet-long and created it using six bolts. In the clip, it easily converts from partition to tabletop with neither man having to leave their side of the fence. The two families pull up a few chairs and enjoy cocktails without ever worrying if they’re too close.

“It’s great, we were out there till 11 p.m. last night,” Hurton said.

The Viral Group reshared Hurton’s video on Facebook where it racked up 8.2 million views in about a week. People were loving the power of friendship.

“Love thy neighbor as thy self! It’s great when you can get along with your neighbors! I love it!” one Facebook user said.

“This is great for people who have close neighbors,” one user wrote.

“That’s amazing! That should be done everywhere!” another person said.

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