9 of the best Met Gala beauty looks you can recreate at home


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Since 1971, with its inaugural “Fashion Plate”-themed event, the first Monday of May has come to be known as a fashion industry holiday: The Met Gala.

In partnership with Vogue, the Met Gala is the largest fashion charity fundraiser that takes place right at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. All invitees — who range from A-list celebrities to musicians to politicians — are personally invited by Anna Wintour to the show-stopping event. Of course, they’re expected to pay their admission cost of $30,000 (or $250,000 for a table), because truly, fashion is not free.

However, we completely forget about all of that once the event starts and celebrities begin walking the red carpet. As they stop and pose for paparazzi, all of us fashion-obsessed social media kids are looking to see who is wearing what. We are taking notes, honey.

Dressing and getting glammed up for the big night can certainly come with a hefty price tag as celebrities are working with designers, stylists, hairstylists and makeup artists to perfect their signature look of the night.

Since this year’s Met Gala has been #cancelled because of the global pandemic, I had to deep dive into a few of my favorite beauty looks from over the years and how you can easily recreate it while at home.

Thankfully, these won’t cost you $30,000.

Lady Gaga

Credit: Getty Images

Obviously there’s no explanation needed for why Lady Gaga is on this list of bold, bright and sizzling makeup looks. To recreate Gaga’s eyes, you’ll want to apply a pink shimmer eyeshadow to the top lid followed by a light grey in the outer corner to give it a daytime smokey-eye vibe. Next, go big or go home with some enviable lashes on both your top and bottom lids. For the bottom lid, you’ll want to take a black liner and sweep it across the entire lash line, followed by a white eyeliner on top. To keep it all in place, you can use a white powder and gently place it on top of the white liner for no budging.

As for lips, just grab your favorite bright pink and you’re good to go!


Credit: Getty Images

Little did we know that Rihanna was wearing Fenty Beauty before there was even a Fenty Beauty. To achieve this look, we’ve got to go straight to the brand’s highlight palette where you can start on the eye or on the checks and work your way around the face. Just be sure to use a soft brush to smooth out those harsh lines for a seamless finish.

For lips, grab your go-to wine red and it’s time to slay.

Billy Porter

Credit: Getty Images

Can one fall in love with a photo? If so, hi, it’s me. Billy Porter’s epic slay can be recreated by first priming the eye area with a white or nude makeup base. Next, you’ll want to go in with a yellow-gold eyeshadow or highlighter and pack it onto the skin.

Have some gems sitting around in the house? Use a glitter glue (not for arts and crafts, but for your face) and place the stones however you want.

For lips, a bold, smokey purple or black will be your base followed by a stripe of that gold right down the middle.


Credit: Getty Images

All I know is that Cher stole my heart with this look, and it’s easy to see why. For the eyes, opt for a lilac purple eyeshadow that you’ll sweep across the entire lid.

For a lip, a pink gloss over brown lip liner will be the look you’ve been searching for.


Credit: Getty Images

Honestly, Z did no wrong with this look, from the hair to the makeup to the Dolce & Gabbana. To achieve her look, you’ll want to go for a super chiseled bronzer to sculpt out the cheekbones, although you should not be afraid of a little heavy-handedness for that exaggerated feel.

For a lip, you’ll want to go for an orange-red lip that serves a powerful punch.

Lupita Nyong’o

Credit: Getty Images

Lupita’s homage to Camp and its origins shined throughout her eccentric and bold makeup looks. First, you’ll need to apply foundation over your brows for a clean palette. Next, stencil in your skinny brows with a black liner, followed by the sculpting of a wing on your lids. Fill in the lid with silver glitter and then fill the crease to the brow bone with pink, semi-rosé glitter. For an added punch, draw a white cat-eye in your bottom lashes.

For lips, a deep purple or even dark brown will do you well. Feel free to throw on a gloss for added shine!

Gigi Hadid

Credit: Getty Images

Do y’all remember when Gigi came through as a gold-and-silver ice princess to the Met? Her look is very simple, and all you’ll need are some killer white lashes. Pro tip: Buy at least two packs so you can stack them on top of each other.

For lips, a peachy matte to compliment the skin is just what the (fashion) doctor ordered!

Lilly Collins

Credit: Getty Images

Another look that stole my heart, Lilly Collins gave me ’60s glam with bold brows and a statement blush. You’ll want to first shape and fill in your brows for a thicker feel and then go in with a purple eyeshadow on the lid. Take a bit of white (or pale pink) eyeshadow and fill in the inner corner to get a gradient look. Next, grab your black eyeliner and trace your upper lid and flick it out at the end, and do the same for the bottom.

Lastly, go for the biggest, boldest lashes you can find and throw those bad boys on.

Lili Reinhart

Credit: Getty Images

You may think that Lili’s look is unachievable, but honestly, it’s just about layering. Take your favorite pink highlighter or shadow and begin applying across the face. Your cheeks will be a bit lighter than your eyes, which you can go in with a more defined brush for added pigment.

Top it off with a pink lip and you’re set for the ball!

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