Young students get creative with homemade hats to maintain social distancing


When the going gets tough, the tough get crafty.

Newsflare reported that students in China were asked to wear 3-foot-wide hats to ensure they were socially distanced from one another. The adorably homemade protective gear was the brainchild of Yangzheng Primary School in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, a province of eastern China.

Students in first to third grade were asked to create the hats so they would stay three feet away from their peers. Each hat has a protruding three-foot stick coming out of both sides.

Despite the required school uniform, the hats are clear markers of individual expression. One girl dons a construction paper crown in green, pink and blue with flowers. She used a cardboard tube as the measuring stick and to simulate the look of a branch, decorating it with pink birds and green leaves made of paper.

Another boy’s hat looks like a talking model airplane. It features bright red wings with eyes and a mouth drawn on top. The colorful variety of student hats ranged from Nike baseball caps, top hats, cardboard boxes and pointed party hats.

Although the students aren’t allowed any physical contact with each other — which is a tall order for such little ones — they’ve clearly had fun with the creative gear.

China has slowly begun to reopen and ease restrictions following the COVID-19 outbreak. Secondary schools reopened on April 26 in Shanghai and Guangzhou. Returning students were given nucleic tests to detect the virus before attending.

“I’m glad, it’s been too long since I’ve seen my classmates,” Hang Huan, a Shanghai student, said according to Daily Mail. “I’ve missed them a lot.”

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