Weatherman’s dog crashes forecast, becomes internet’s new quarantine hero


It may not be raining cats and dogs in Tampa right now, but there’s at least one pooch in the forecast.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay meteorologist Paul Dellegatto was delivering a live forecast from home due to shelter-in-place limitations ― with a cameraman filming him from outside the window ― when the segment was interrupted.

His dog, Brody, had knocked into the computer and entered the frame:

“Everything about the video is so golden retriever,” Dellegatto told the Creative Loafing Tampa website. “Hitting my computer screen, yawning, jumping on the window looking for Craig. They are a great breed!”

Brody’s videobomb was shared plenty on Twitter, but one message in particular got Dellegatto’s attention:

Although the footage was from April 16, it went viral on social media this week after Fox 13 posted it online as a “throwback” to when Dellegatto was broadcasting from home.

He’s now back in the studio.

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