Volleyball players use balcony to train while socially distancing

These two athletic sisters have taken their training to new heights.

Professional Swiss Beach Volleyball players Anouk and Zoé Vergé-Dépré figured out a way to practice social distancing and their favorite sport.

With the novel coronavirus pandemic causing global lockdowns, these siblings had to get creative. Anouk posted a video on Facebook where she and little sister Zoé trained with an assist from a balcony.

Anouk served from down below in the backyard while Zoé spiked it back to her from the veranda. The video is shot from Zoé’s perspective, several stories up, but the sound of Anouk launching the ball is done with such force it’s audible each time. It definitely looks like the duo got quite the workout.

“I can tell you I was dead after half an hour… footwork needs to be on point,” Anouk said in the caption.

The 28-year-old has kept her head up during the outbreak. Although the 2020 Olympics were canceled, in a recent Blick interview, the pro didn’t let the uncertainty of it all get to her.

“It was tough at first. I and certainly other athletes had to mentally reorder themselves first,” Anouk told Blick. “But after that, I was just happy that the games weren’t canceled. Sure, we can’t train non-stop for a year now. At some point, we need a break so that we can reach the peak physically and mentally next year.”

Anouk is a decorated volleyball player. She finished ninth at the 2016 Olympics and in 2012 she was the U21 world champion. At 22 years old Zoé is a rising star in the game. The Vergé-Déprés is a volleyball family it seems — both of their parents played volleyball growing up as well, and are sports instructors today.

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