Denmark Lego factory produces protective visors for essential workers

A Lego factory in Billund, Denmark is switching gears.

The manufacturer typically produces thousands of its iconic toy bricks a day, but the novel coronavirus pandemic has caused a shift in priorities. The factory will now also create protective visors for essential workers.

“The decision process from when our brilliant engineer got the idea after a dinner conversation with his wife, who is actually a nurse,” CEO Carsten Rasmussen told the Associated Press. “It took us less than four hours just to say go and not looking at what does this cost, etc. etc. We just felt, of course, we should do this. It’s a brilliant idea.”

Lego’s molding machines now produce 13,000 visors a day — a total of 75,000 have been created thus far. Local health authorities approved the visor design and quality.

“Normally, it takes us up to six months to deliver a new mold for a new brick. The team did it in three weeks,” Rasmussen said. “And we had over 100 people at some point dedicated to this to make it happen because we knew it has to be done fast otherwise it was kind of irrelevant.”

A factory in Hungary will also produce visors to support its country’s health system. Lego had hoped the Mexico site will take up the task too but the pandemic has caused it to temporarily close. Nevertheless, Rasmussen assured AP, kids still want their Legos.

“Family and children also need quality play experiences in these times, when we many of us are home, like me today,” he said. “So, we see a good demand for good quality play experiences. So, business is alright, but definitely challenging and we see e-commerce is, of course, booming a lot at the moment. So, we need to keep up with that demand.”

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