All the do’s and don’t’s for your postponed prom


No, it’s not the prom you expected — but it can still, somehow, be perfect.

The unprecedented recent global events have forced high schools across the U.S. to scrap plans for senior proms. It’s a bummer, and it’s a completely valid thing to feel sad about. Yes, health is the No. 1 priority, but that doesn’t negate the fact that meaningful life events have screeched to a halt. So first and foremost, take the time you need to be upset.

But once you’re ready for the new plan? Read on.

For guidance on navigating Prom 2.0, In The Know turned to Seventeen, a bonafide expert resource in all things high school. Executive director Kristin Koch revealed that tons of teens have reached out for advice after learning their original proms were postponed. Below are some do’s and don’t’s to take to heart.

1. DON’T dwell on how things “could’ve been.” Yes, you had replayed your perfect prom daydream on an endless loop, and now there’s an insane third-act twist. But the fantasy isn’t over — it’s just getting modified. And even though life feels boring right now, all that anticipation and excitement still remains.

“In fact, I think your prom memories are going to be even more special,” Kristin said.

Your school probably doesn’t yet know when or how prom will go down. It may fall on students and parents to figure out next steps. But in the meantime, keep looking forward. Don’t mourn the would-be April prom. Good, maybe even more magical, things are still ahead.

2. DO stage a backyard photo shoot. Why? Because regardless of when you get to wear your prom outfit next, you’re going to want photos of this exact moment in your life. This, right now, is you as a 2020 spring semester senior.

Also, let’s be real: You’ll get way better photos if you have an entire day to devote to ’em.

Like, really, if it were a regular prom day, you have to rush to get your hair and makeup done in time for afternoon group photos. And then if the lighting’s bad or your smile was weird, you end up frustrated and upset, and you head to the dance knowing you didn’t like your pics.

Now? You have all the time in the world. (By the way, this is why a lot of brides stage photo shoots weeks before the actual wedding.)

3. DO brush up on your moves if dancing isn’t exactly a talent of yours. TikTok is your friend here. There’s a pretty good chance that, wherever and whenever your prom may be, “Savage” is going to be played. Better to learn it now than try to stumble through it in the moment (or quickly dash off to the bathroom feeling awkward).

Seventeen also launched its own TikTok dance challenge for its 3.1 million followers, and it’s re-posting submissions — so who knows, this could be your time to blow up online.

For more, watch the video above.

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