Thai fruit shop employs shirtless men to sell durians

Would you like some muscles with your durians?

A Thai fruit store in Chiang Mai is using shirtless hunks to sell produce. Bsamfruit Durian Delivery features a slew of men with washboard abs and even a few tattoos on its Facebook page. The unique business decision was formed out of necessity due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to Vice.

Boy is the owner of B Samcook Home 16 Restaurant, a local eatery. Boy’s brother, Golf, runs the family’s durian business and owns a couple of gyms. But the two men’s businesses were forced to close due to the outbreak — so they came up with Bsamfruit Durian Delivery.

With Bsamfruit, the siblings are able to operate the family’s durian business while providing work for unemployed gym trainers. Boy even donated one of his warehouses to store the fruits, according to Mothership.

“We created the durian delivery service because Thai people love durian and we have connections with the owner of a durian export business that cannot export during this crisis period,” Boy told Vice.

The shop regularly uses photos of the chiseled trainers to make announcements on its page — whether it is a new delivery of Grade-A golden pillow fruit or behind-the-scenes footage of the process. One live stream featuring the hotties received 10,000 views.

If you’re worried about hygiene, the workers appear to wear face masks and gloves around the spiky fruits.

But don’t judge a book by its cover, the fruit market has great reviews on Facebook for its goods and services.

“Delicious, clean, overflowing quality, worth the price,” one Facebook user said.

“Full of texture, sweet, fragrant, crispy on the outside, soft in,” another said.

“Sweet Durian, crispy, very delicious. I bought 2 Packs. I have eaten them all already,” one review said.

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