How to cut your own bangs at home, if you must

Whether you’re in desperate need of a trim or just want to change up your look, cutting your own hair is a serious risk.

With hair salons closed indefinitely, lots of people are foregoing professional help to take matters into their own hands.

A hair cutting technique known as the “bangs twist method” is taking the internet by storm, but if you aren’t a professional, it’s risky.

It seems easy enough — simply take the front section of your hair, straighten it out, twist it around tightly a few times and snip across.

TikTok user Emily Zeck expertly demonstrated just how beautiful your new bangs can look if the cut is executed properly.

If it goes wrong, it’s just hair, of course. It will grow back eventually. Unfortunately, though, it’s also the hair that frames your face, so even the slightest crooked line is easily noticeable.

Ill-advised bangs are so popular at this time that TikTok users are jokingly sharing their mishaps daily.

In all seriousness, it’s not the best idea to attempt something a licensed professional typically handles in any case. If you’re dying to switch up your look from home, may we suggest some subtly dip-dyed tips instead?

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