Chris Pratt wants fans to pay to be eaten by a dinosaur in next ‘Jurassic’ movie

Chris Pratt wants you to get eaten by a dinosaur because of Justin Bieber — wait, what?

The “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” star announced a chance to be featured as dinosaur-bait in the franchise’s next film. The contest came a few weeks after Bieber challenged Pratt to join the #AllInChallenge on Twitter. The charity sweepstakes, in partnership with, is soliciting donations to provide food to children, seniors and frontline heroes in need.

Contestants can donate to their favorite participating celebrity’s cause to enter to win a prize. Bieber plans on flying to visit a lucky fan and serenade them with his 2009 hit, “One Less Lonely Girl.”

“A lot of people are saying Chris Pratt is not even going to respond to Justin Bieber’s online challenge. Well, guess what? I’ve been busy!” Pratt said in his response on Instagram. “How about this? You want to be eaten by a dinosaur in ‘Jurassic World’?!”

Two people will be selected for the honorable prize. The first spot is for the sweepstakes winner which only costs $10 to enter. The second is reserved for the highest bidder of an auction item from the “Jurassic” set. The selected contestants are guaranteed to be recognizable in the film and can’t be cut out of it. Not too shabby!

The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor joked that the very rich should enter the auction. Who could blame him when every dollar goes to the charitable cause?

“If you’re a millionaire or billionaire — if you’re somebody who just got so much money that you just ran out of stuff to buy. Highest bidder. It’s all about the money. And it’s a good cause. Heck, it’s a tax ride off,” Pratt teased.

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